Tower mode




Survive. The Tower is made to break you. Only the strongest Dungeon Hunters with the most elite items will survive the tower. Battle each monster and work your way up through each level. You will be given a limited number of items to go in with and must earn them by defeating monsters.

Disclaimer: Tower mode is for those who wish to be challenged. This game mode is made for you to lose. Only the more Legendary Dungeon Hunters will survive.


Set up


The battle system is the same as the normal game mode. (See Battle System)

To begin Tower mode you must randomly select 7 monsters from the deck. Place the 7 cards face down in a horizontal line. Next choose your Dungeon Hunter by shuffle the Dungeon Hunter/hero deck and choose two random cards. You may select the one you wish. Place your dungeon hunter card next to the first facedown monster. The monster cards have special stats for tower mode. Use these stats to battle unless a multiplier is in effect. Flip the face-down Monster card over and begin the battle.


When battling the Monster, the Battle system is the same for the Dungeon Hunter as it is in the normal game. Choose 5 Battle cards from the Battle deck and place your choice face-up by the Dungeon Hunter. If at any point you are unhappy with your hand you may discard you hand only once per monster you face and redraw 5 cards. When playing for the monster draw a Battle card from the top of the Battle deck. Place this card face up by the Monster. The monster does not use energy for this card. If both of you choose a Defense card draw one card from the battle deck and place it over the Monsters Defense card. If its another Defense card that round is a draw. But if it’s an Attack card calculate the damage. If none then continue to the next turn.

You also have the option to not play a Battle card to double what energy you have. When doing this you would use only the base stats for your Dungeon Hunter.

Once you have defeated a monster discard the monster card to the discard pile.  Your health and energy points do not reset after each battle. Discard your Battle cards and choose a new hand for each monster. Only after every two monsters you beat there is a pause in battle where you can roll a six-sided dice and add that value to your health and energy. The only other way to gain health is to use item cards during battle. Energy can be gained the normal ways in battle.  During this pause you may also randomly choose an item card from the item deck.





 Multipliers make tower mode more of a beast than it already is. Want to get more loot and brag more to your friends? Add a Multiplier. If added every three rounds a new multiplier takes effect.


There is 1.5X and 2X that you can add to the monster. If you choose 1.5X the stats of the monster are multiplied by 1.5. Round up to a whole number if it's not. 2X is double the monster stats. Tower mode is already extremely hard! Only the most elite or the elite should attempt this!






Tower mode holds Legendary items that the normal mode of Dungeon Enforcer does not have. Only by completing Tower mode can you unlock these items. These items will help with an array of different things in normal mode, story mode, team mode and more.

Story mode especially will be enhanced by winning Legendary Items. Allowing you to gain special advantages or being able to hire other Dungeon Hunters you could not before having these items.

After defeating tower mode, you may randomly draw three of these Legendary Items and choose one.

If The 1.5 Multiplier is in place randomly draw three of these Legendary Items and choose two.

If The 2X Multiplier is in place randomly draw three of these Legendary Items and Keep all three.


Reference chart

1.5X Winnings= Two Legendary Items

2X Winnings= Three Legendary Items





Team Tower mode



Team Tower mode is for those who wish to take on the challenge but share the glory with a friend. Survive as a team. And die as a team. You cannot complete this mode without your teammate. Both of you must survive.



Team Tower mode works the same as tower mode does but with two Dungeon Hunters instead of one.  The battle system is the same as the normal game. (See Battle System) The only difference is that the Monsters attack is at both Dungeon Hunters and not just one. Both players will place their Battle cards down within the energy requirements and then the monster battle card will be revealed. Calculate the damage and repeat until either the Monster is dead or you have succumbed to the tower. 

Both Dungeon Hunter must beat the Tower in order to claim the prize. If one Dungeon Hunter dies, then the game is over.



Both Dungeon Hunters can randomly pick two Legendary cards and keep one each.

Also roll a 6 sided dice twice and add the total to both of your total battle coins. If multipliers are in effect use the card below to see what you get.



Reference chart

1.5X Winnings= Two Legendary Items

2X Winnings= Three Legendary Items