Small Update

Small update time:

The past few weeks have been pretty quiet as to what's going on. Other than the art streams I'm not around much right now and I really wish to change that. As we get closer to September I wish to be around a lot more. With some changes coming soon I think this will be more achievable.

With that said I have a bit more of a personal thing I wish to say. Sour Llama Studios is not only my passion and dream but its also what I wish to do as a job for the foreseeable future. Im extremely passionate about the gaming community and wish to become a creator in this community. I wish to only produce the best games of the highest quality. Will that happen the first time? Most likely not. Im an indie developer who has put my own money into this. One of the greatest and most important things someone can do for me is giving me a chance. Giving me a chance to entertain them or take them on a crazy adventure and take you away from the real world. Even if that's just for a moment. For all of you who have given me that chance I can't thank you enough. That's the greatest joy and honor I could ever ask for.

Now just one last personal thing. For those that think this is a joke or a past time. There is no room for you in the Sour Llama Community and in my life. I'm 100% serious about this and I'm so much more hard on myself about all of this then you are. Every day I wake up fearful of what will happen if I fail. I don't also need a constant reminder from someone else.

With all of that said I wish to have another fireside chat with everyone to talk about all the cool stuff in the works! On Monday the 13th at 7pm EST I will be coming to you live with a nice long chat about Tower Enforcer, The first expansion of Tower Enforcer, and the TTRPG set in the same universe. I also want to talk about the Bagel Game and where I'm going with that! Also about the new streaming scheduled that will be happening on all your favorite platforms. You can catch that here on Facebook!

Thank you all so much for your continued support! That alone means the world to me! So until Monday my Fellow Dungeon Hunter I wish you the best for the weekend.


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