Magfest bound!

As I sit here writing this I still think im dreaming.

Now I know im known to sometime make things a little more exciting they really are and be very excited over things that could just be something that's normal. But before we get into that I want to tell you a small story. 

November Sucked

November was a rough month for me personally. long story short my family and I lost someone very close and dear to us a year ago. I have not handled it well. All of November I was building up to that one-year anniversary with no work happening on anything related to Sour Llama. November sucked.

Now also in the middle of November, I got an email. 

A while back maybe in September I started looking at conventions that I could possibly become a vendor at and show of my stuff. While doing that I found Magfest. Now if you don't know what Magfest is its a huge convention that brings in about 20k people during the weekend. It centers around music and games. It's a 24-hour festival on the first weekend of the year. So much goes on there but the one thing that caught my eye was the Indie Tabletop Showcase. A place where up and coming board game/card game indie devs could show off their games. This is huge! A spot in this can make or break someone's dreams of becoming a full-fledge boardgame designer. So I entered Dungeon Enforcer with little hope and maybe an email sent back to me about how I was rejected and to keep my head up because this line of work isn't for everyone. I sent in a few pictures and my rules to the game and left it at that. Well, mid-November I got an email. The email said my application was only 17% complete and wouldn't really be considered. I tried accessing things to see what i could do to improve my chances and couldn't. I was locked out. And the deadline was that day to finish. Well great, I thought an opportunity like that would have been amazing but it wasn't meant to be. Time to pack my bags and go home I guess...

Its time to get #Sour

Im trying to get things back on track and I think one of the issues I was having was Dungeon Enforcer was broken. The battle system takes to long. Items haven't been put in and my drive wasn't there. So this week I switched gears. The unnamed bagel game had been sitting on the back burner for a bit and I thought maybe i could get it into beta stage before the end of the year. (Spoiler i won't) And here's why...

I got an email...

#MAGFEST BOUND!!!! So ill be giving you guys more info as it becomes available but I do know this. My very first convention im doing is not only Magfest but we are in the Indie Tabletop Showcase! It is going to be hard to beat this lol. All I know is that passion, that burning in my soul is very happy right now. There were days I wanted to give up and there will be days that I will want to never touch a board game again. But its moments like this that cement in my soul this is when im meant to be doing. And you have allowed me to share this with you. I am forever indebted to you and can not thank you enough for your support.

Now let's buckle up because 2020 is going to be a crazy year! 

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