Fall 2019 Update

Buckle up. This is a long one. 

I hope summer saw you well and you got to enjoy the wonderful weather. Of course like always summer feels like it just got here and now it's gone in a flash. 

In the dead heat of summer, I sat down with my dad for lunch and spoke to him about what Sour Llama was all about and something funny kinda came up. I have been pouring my heart and soul into Dungeon Enforcer and then there are these other games I wish to do too. It's funny to think some of these games will get more time than others in the development stages even though all of them are very important to me. So it really got me thinking about what I want to focus my efforts on. And that is not only the games but the stories i want to tell through them. But thats for another email :) 

To think the last big update that happened I was still working full time and had barely any time to sit down and think. Now all I think about it Boardgames! What a life. Im so gracious and honored to be doing this for a living for these few months. To make such a cool game…well, I think it's cool. And to be able to see my ideas come out and be something that you can hold and see is amazing! Just this past month I launched the beta of Dungeon Enforcer and the unnamed bagel game will be shortly behind it! The next few months will be very productive and I cant wait to see what you think! 80% of the effort is of course on Dungeon Enforcer, the boss battling item collecting boardgame! But I can't keep the bagel game out of sight! This fast action family party game is geared to people of all playstyles and people of all ages. This game and a few others are going to be what headlines some of the winter months while we fine-tune the inner workings of Dungeon Enforcer. 

I have realized that playtesting, fixing and figuring things out is huge in this process. But I have very very biased eyes. I think right now Dungeon Enforcer can go out and sell millions of copies to every household in the world. Both you and I know though that sadly is not true. But you can help me, you yourself right now can download the Dungeon Enforcer board game and with a little cutting and a little imagination you can be playing the beta version of the game! It's so cool and heartwarming to know that people have access to games even before they are released and help mold and shape where that game is going to go. And that’s very much what I want your role in this to be. To help mold my dream. I have set the groundwork and I want this to be a community. A partnership. I want you as a community to help me build and make these games something that you feel will not only be a good game to play but an experience you will enjoy.

With that being said, if you do want to playtest and help mold this community you will need to do just a few things.

1. Be honest. Don’t sugar coat something you don’t like about the game. Clearly don’t be mean but don’t be nice either. Be honest.

2. Ask questions. If there is something you don’t understand good chance others won't either. Please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me and ask me anything! (Even if it's about something else! I may know the answer to the very question you have always wanted to be answered. Who knows unless you ask.)

3. Understand. Understand I know how precious your time and feedback are. You will be rewarded.

What's to come?

Clearly some Bagels! (And more Dungeon Enforcer) Now that the Dungeon Enforcer Beta is out ill be working on updating that and getting ready for the bagel game beta. As of the first of the year, I wish to have both almost near the end of the beta stage. Im excited to keep updating both as much as I can! Both are shaping in ways I never thought to be possible! I will continue to update both games while keeping you in the loop as well!  

Im also going to be updating the store! New special Limited Edition t-shirts every month that will only be sold for a month. I know that a new shirt a month is a bit crazy but this supports me so much! Until I get the games done the merch store is all I have for income. But sometimes you can get free stuff from the store if you subscribe to the newsletter! So Subscribe! Who doesn't like free stuff? 

These last two months have been really important to the foundation of Sour Llama and I got to say, so far, you all have helped my dream come true. Thank you. We together have made something so epic! I couldn't be more proud of what this has become and where it's going!

With that said I really can't thank you enough and know that just you being subscribed to the email list is awesome to me!

To end this i wanted to share something with you all. i always like to show what im up to or even a small bit of the design of the game but this time i got something else. A drawing. Giving to me by a great friend. It's something that has really made me realize that Sour Llama is making an impact. It's something that has made me realize it doesn't matter what path I or even yourself take. We will always have an impact on the people around us. So let's make it a good one. :) Thanks, Isabelle for this wonderful Sour Llama! (Now that i think about it this could be a good logo!) 

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