IndieCon 2021!

Welcome to IndieCon 2021!

What is IndieCon2021? 

IndieCon is a gathering of independent Developers, writers, streamers, and crafter looking to share their work with the world!  

What can you do at IndieCon? Well, where do we start?

Play Games!

Participate in tournaments! 

Listen to up-and-coming DJs!

Playtest Games and help developers mold their games!

Watch TTRPG Podcast live!

Watch panels of Indie devs share their stories!

Watch Panels of crazy people eat extremely hot things

in the hopes you will help out kids!

Watch Crafters Stream their magic!

Support the Indie Scene!

Support Streamers as they Raise money for Extra Life!


Best of all it's all free for you to enjoy!

Want to be an Exhibitor at IndieCon 2021?

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