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Reclaim your Legandary Loot

After your kingdom is attacked and your kingdom's most precious items are stolen you are chosen to retrieve the legendary items and conquer the 7 Tower Bosses! But with minions standing in your way will you be able to defeat all of them to reach the Tower Boss?


With an energy system that helps you both attack and defend against the enemy, it is imperative that you manage your energy just as much as you try to defeat the Tower of monsters laid before you.  If your energy runs out your only chance at survival is luck.


Items have a crucial role in your success. From healing your Dungeon Hunter to adding higher attacks. Items are the upper hand you need to defeat these Towers. Once you defeat a Tower Boss you gain the legendary Item they held! Use these Legendary Items in your quest to gain glory!


With the Tower staring down at you and your energy getting low wouldn’t it be nice to have a little luck? With random events that just might be what you are looking for! But be cautious these events can also help the Tower in its quest to defeat you.


You are not alone in trying to defeat the Tower. Familiars will stand by your side as an extra helping hand. Unique to your Dungeon Hunter they will aid you in attacks and defending against the Tower. Use them wisely in your battling and have them share in your success!


If this all sounds a little difficult do not worry! Play With friends against the Tower! Achieve victory together or fall together. Help each other out with item trades or swapping out Battle Cards. 


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Sour Llama Team



Bea a wonderful Writer adds the story and lore to the Sour Llama Universe. Bea can be found with her nose in a book and her creative mind always thinking of amazing lore!





Some would say Mike is the Lead designer at Sour Llama Studios, others would call him a Mad Scientist. Either way he's often found behind a spreadsheet or lost in a Minecraft world.  

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