Sour Llama Studios is a board game, and card game independent developer. Creating games that you can sit down for hours and play with your hardcore boardgame group or games that the whole family can play! Based in Burlington, Vermont I have been on the mission to develop not only games you would like but a game I'd like too! I only wish to work on something I'm passionate about so you can get the best experience! I'm not some developer that's only going to do what's "best for business". I wish to create an experience that you will carry with you for a lifetime. There are so many amazing games out there already but sometimes I feel like there is a hole in the game scene. I'm hoping with games such as Dungeon Enforcer, The unnamed bagel game (no really it's unnamed. Have an idea? Send me an email :-) ) and many more ideas I can change that. 


Mike Elliott

Lead Designer

From central Vermont, Mike is an avid gamer with the passion to try and make his own! He likes Tuna sandwiches and long walks on the beach.